What bed are you sleeping in?

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I got an email from a friend a few weeks ago.  Leslie was looking for advice.  She was trying to make a decision.   The looming fear behind the decision was “What if it doesn’t work or if I don’t like it?”   She didn’t want to make a bed or lay in one … because it might be the right one.

Goldie Locks broke into a bear’s house and tried 3 different bowls of porridge, 3 different size chairs and 3 different beds before she found the ones that were just right for her.

What are you willing to do to find the right situation for you?   The only way you’ll find the right situation is by taking the chance of finding the wrong one.  You’re going to have to lay in some beds if you want to find the right one.

What bed are you sleeping in?

Oh yeah!  Once and while, a family of bears might show up and you’ll have to run like hell…

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