What are you waiting for?

Be Happy

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Nothing can make you happy!   This is a very positive and hopeful statement.

Nothing can make you happy.  It’s possible.   If you let it be.

Most of us are waiting for someone or something to make us happy.  I’ll be happy when I get the raise, the business is profitable, my marriage is fun, my kids go to school, I get a promotion, I get married, I get a new car, we get the bigger house, I get pregnant, I lose 10 lbs …

We make being happy conditional upon receiving something else.  How greedy are we?  We want the yacht AND the happiness.  Happiness isn’t enough.  Neither is the yacht.

We get what we want (sometimes).  We enjoy it for a bit (sometimes).  Then life happens.  The car gets a ding.  The pregnancy is a ball buster.  You still feel fat.  You have more work to do.  You fight with your spouse.  And we say, “I’d be happy if …”

What would happen if you allowed nothing to make you happy?

Your wait might be over.

What are you waiting for?   Stop waiting.  Start living.

If you don’t, nothing can make you happy.

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