Is your hole deep enough?

Dig a Deeper Hole

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Rich told me he had no room for error. He has no money in the bank. If the business he bought doesn’t turn around – quickly – his family doesn’t eat. Rich is motivated. He’s in a pretty deep hole.

Joe just had to sell one of his businesses. He wasn’t investing in it.  The business got pretty run down … Like an old house that hasn’t been maintained. Joe is on the tail end of his business life.  He’s got the money he needs to finish this ride called life.  Joe doesn’t have a very deep hole.   He doesn’t have to do more, so he doesn’t do more.

Rich is motivated to take dramatic action.  He’s making bold strokes to transform his new business.  His deep hole motivates him.   Rich dug his own hole.  He’ll dig his way out.

What’s that idea you’ve talked about doing for the last 7 years … but haven’t?  What’s the new strategy you’ve been tempted to implement in your business … but have avoided?  What’s that job position that you’re want but are afraid you can’t handle?  Who’s that person you’ve been thinking of asking out?   Why aren’t you doing anything about it?  Because you don’t have to.

Maybe you need a deeper hole.

Is your hole deep enough?  Put yourself in a situation that requires more of you.  This will require you to be more.

Start digging.


P.S. – I’m having twins in less than two months.  If my hole isn’t deep enough.  It will be the soon. 🙂

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