I got away with murder.

Life Sentence (Epicure EP)

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I got away with murder when I was younger.

I didn’t have set chores to get an allowance.  I didn’t have to study to do well in school.  I didn’t do my homework on time.  And often times didn’t do it all.  I turned assignments in late.  I cut school.  I was late regularly.  I still graduated in the top 10 percent of my class.

I wish I could say I wrote my own rules.  That would be a lie.  It would imply structure that didn’t exist.  I just didn’t follow the existing rules.

I’m 40 now.  I’m learning how to create structure.  I’m learning how to be organized.  I’m learning how to execute consistently.  The learning intensified when twins arrived 9 weeks ago.  It’s hard work.

I used to be proud of what I got away with not doing.  The rules I broke, bent or ignored.  Now I realize I just cheated myself of opportunities to do things better sooner.

What do are you trying to get over on, look for a shortcut for, shirk out of?  Who are you cheating?  Yourself, someone else or both.  Either way, you lose.

I thought I was getting away with murder.  I was just escaping owning my action, my work, my Self.  Now I’m killing myself to figure out how to do the things I should of learned 25 years ago.  I didn’t get away with anything.  I convicted myself and extended the sentence.

You can do your least or do your best.  Which will set you free?


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