Get lost!

Dog is your pilot.

Are you rational?  Really?  Think about it!   We think we’re rational. We believe we make decisions based on evidence.  We’re human.  We’re not dogs or monkeys.  We’ve got opposable thumbs and large forebrains.   Our forebrain  is in control.  Right?  Wrong!

Our reward system is built upon parts of the brain shared with “lower” species.   This is why behavioral tests with lab rats and dogs can provide insight into human behavior.   Our mammalian brain controls our drive for pleasure or aversion from pain.

I once worked with a very smart person who said, “The only thing worse than no documentation is bad documentation”.  When we think we’re fully rational, we operate using bad documentation.

Our stronger drives are controlled by our lower (subconscious) brain.  It is our pilot.  Our forebrain is the co-pilot.  It is what attempts to guide the drive of the lower brain

The Truth is Closer than it Appears

with reason.   Do not be fooled, if you don’t rewire the drives that the lower brain is seeking, it will win every time.


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