A Ceiling or Foundation

I’m learning that I can use my past.  It can be the ceiling keeps me from elevating.  Or it can be the floor from which I launch to new heights.   I choose.

I took a walk last week.  I was thinking of worth.  As in a person’s worth.  A whisper spoke to me.  It told me that the things I think weakened me made me stronger.  The experiences that I thought made me less made me more.  My worst can create the best.   I choose.

I had a moment earlier in the week to dismiss faith as fluke.  I chose faith.  I was rewarded.  When we choose to believe in something we can appreciate what we believe in.  It fills us.  When we choose to believe against something it pours us out.  We’re left empty.  I choose to be filled.

What do you choose?


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