Finish or fail … how to cross the finish line

DIY Soft Focus 50/1.8

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I started looking for photos and links for my content more lately.  The goal was a more polished product.  It was also better Google ranking and more readers.  The work doubled the time to write and publish.  It became hard to to finish.

My main goal here is to write and finish.  It’s to cultivate a habit of consistent execution.  And to live by example.  I let something that was outside of my main goal get in the way.  I started falling behind.  I started finishing less.

Know what your goal is.  Focus on it.   When other features get in the way, it’s time to get rid of them and start finishing again.  When we lose focus on what success is to us, failure comes into our line of vision pretty quickly.

Finish or fail.  You choose.

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