What will you find when you get there?

The journey never ends.

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Get out through the in door or or get in through out door.   Either way, no matter where you are, there you are.

Are you trying to get out of where you don’t want to be?   Something will follow you.  You.

You can’t escape yourself.

Most of the times we want to get out of something … it turns out the something we want to get out of is ourselves.

That new job won’t make you any more valued.   That other guy (or girl) won’t  make you any more lovable.  That pint of ice cream won’t lift the weight of your burdens.   New shoes?  Same person.   That new car won’t make you more worthy.  That drink won’t make that problem go away.  That new club won’t make you belong.  That extra zero or two on your bank account won’t buy you self-acceptance.

You will make yourself more worthy, lovable, valued or accepted when you focus on getting in to being worthy, lovable, valuable or accepted.  Not by trying to do things that may get you out of not being those things.

Once you get in, you get a lot out of it.  The hard part is learning that once you get in, there’s somewhere else to go.  The journey never ends.  Each destination begets another.   If you stop journeying, you’ll be stuck somewhere else to get out of.

Getting out denies responsibility for where we are and who we are.  Getting in accepts responsibility.   The only thing you can be sure to find when you get there is you.   You might as well accept responsibility for who you are.

What do you need to accept about yourself that you’ve been fighting for too long?  Is it time to acknowledge and accept it  instead of trying to escape it?

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