Want better? Do better!

This afternoon my wife and I got home after a busy day away.  We’ve been busy for the last several days.   I noticed that our dogs were becoming more needy.  They wanted more attention.  When we got home this afternoon our dogs were out of their minds.  They were all over us.  They were panting … Nudging against us.  And being generally annoying.

After a few minutes, we realized we haven’t paid much attention to the dogs this week.   We haven’t taken them on walks.  When we’ve been home we were tired and didn’t want to pay attention to the dogs.  So we didn’t.

Rather than getting progressively P.O.ed at our dogs, we realized maybe we should take them on a walk.  It was an experiment.  Maybe they’d calm down.  Maybe they’d stop acting up.

The dogs are now lying down peacefully beside us.   We’re happy.  The dogs are happy.   We wanted the dogs to be better.   We had to do better.

What’s acting up in your life?  Is it your employees, your customers, your finances, your back, your kids?   It’s easy to look at what frustrates us and blame the situation, thing or people.   Give yourself a break of being frustrated.  Instead of blaming the thing that’s ‘wrong’, look in the mirror.  There’s a good chance that to make the situation better, you need to do better.

What’s been annoying you?  What will you do better today to make it better?

Want better?  Do better…


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