The Faithful Sacrifice


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Faith is beyond belief.  It is a trust that engenders action.  It is seen when we leap, trusting the net will appear.  Don’t trust that a net will appear?  You’ll just stand on the ledge.  Waiting.

Many have ideas they believe in.  How many have faith in those ideas?  Those who believe talk about how they know the idea is great.  Those with faith do something to make it real.

Entrepreneurs are towers of faith.  They fight to make their idea become real in the world.  They believe in their idea.  They trust in the possibility of it being executed.  We see their faith when commit their lives to making the invisible visible.

The entrepreneur is willing to sacrifice.  They are willing to sacrifice the three things we are most attached to.  Time, money, and pride.

They are willing to lose, trusting that they – and those around them, including the market – will gain.  Long hours, time away from family and friends.  Money, whether it’s investing in the business or walking away from a steady paycheck.  Persistent foolishness, doing things wrong while they figure out how to bring something right to the world.

This week is Easter and Passover.  A big week for an estimated 2 billion Christians and 14 Million Jews.  It’s a week of reflecting on the bitter to appreciate the sweet.   It is a week of appreciating that sacrifice and blessing are two faces of the same coin.  It is a week of hope and promise. It’s a week that celebrates life and freedom.

These Holidays celebrate faith.  The faith of people who sacrificed.  The faith of people who trusted that by giving up something valued, there would be great reward.   And that we must give up things we value to receive those blessings.

Many believe in what they celebrate at Easter and Passover.  How many have faith?   Those who believe talk about the promise that comes from what they know.  Those with faith act in ways that make the promise real.

Many believe.  Few have faith.

What’s the difference?

The faithful sacrifice.


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