Tattoo You – How are you leaving a mark?

I was listening to a message a couple of weeks ago about our innate need and desire to leave a mark.  Whether it’s carving our name in a tree or donating enough money to fund a hospital wing … we all look to create something to remember and be remembered by.

Tattoos are a reflection of our desire to leave a mark.  Tattoos give people the power to leave a mark … a mark that will last a lifetime.  A mark to be seen … depending on where we put it.  They give people a sense of control.  Maybe this is one of the reasons why people who get one tattoo tend to get more.  They enjoy the power of leaving a mark that can be seen.  Deep down there’s a whisper …”I did that.  That was me.”

Tattoos leave a mark.  The problem is they’re only skin deep.

What mark are you leaving?

P.S. – I don’t have any tattoos.  I’d love to hear perspective from those who do.


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