Leadership Larry David-style

I enjoy Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Some people don’t.  I love how Larry David says what so many wouldn’t.  Yes, it causes trouble sometimes.  But life has trouble sometimes.  Especially in business and relationships.

I can spend hours, days or weeks coming up with right way to speak to a situation that’s frustrating me.  It creates stress and anxiety for me.  While I’m trying to get things just right, the situation I want to address lingers on.  The longer I spend figuring out how to say what I want to say the more awkward the relationship gets.  The more awkward it gets, the more likely I am to screw up the message when I finally say what I’ve spent so long crafting.   Crap!

I’ve found that  sometimes I’m better off being an authentic asshole.  Say what needs to be said.  The issue comes out.  We deal with it quickly.  We move on.  It sure beats an unsatisfactory status quo that stinks like rotten fruit in the trash.

If the hole we dig with our authentic response gets us too deep in doo-doo, we can always apologize.   It’s hard to apologize for the things that are left unsaid.

I apologize for any language that’s offensive in this post.  I am practicing what I am preaching.


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