Lead forward.

I’ve heard that if sharks stop moving they die.  Everything that exists in our world demonstrates movement.  Rocks move.   Even if it’s just at the molecular level.

The cool thing is that we get to choose how we move.  We get to choose where we move.   Rocks are not so lucky.

The word “Produce” comes from the Latin prōdūcere.   It breaks down to ‘Pro’: Forward and ‘Ducere’:  To Lead.   When we produce, we lead forward.

Leading forward requires movement.  Leading forward requires direction.  Where are you moving toward?

When we produce, people follow.  Think of admirable leaders.  In sports, it’s the athlete who’s able to produce consistently, especially when the team needs them most.  In business, it’s the executive or manager who produces results time and time again.   In politics, it’s the politician who’s able to produce enough consensus to move an agenda forward despite resistance.

Introducing yourself, your idea or your creation into this world requires you lead forward.

Do you want to be leader?  Produce.  Ship.  Deliver.

Show the courage to lead forward … You might just change the world .  Can you do it?  I bet you’d surprise yourself.


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