How nourishing is your life?

Ellie, the younger twin, was fighting the bottle.  She’d take the nipple.  Chew and suck.  Then spit out milk and pout.  It was frustrating.

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Jen took her.  Ten minutes later the bottle was emptied.  I asked Jen what she did to make Ellie eat.  She told me.  I barely believed her.  She did it again the next time.  It worked.  And it still does.

Jen encouraged Ellie.  She’d tell her in a sweet voice how good she was being and what a good little eater she was.  Ellie ate.  No problems.

Obviously, Ellie didn’t understand the words.  She’s 9 weeks old.  The tone and the intent mattered.

The same is true in how we communicate with adult.  “Nice job, Ronnie” means something completely different when said with a kind smile vs a sneer and rolled-eyes.  The tone and the intent matter.  Also, we can directly support a change in a persons behavior with a positive and encouraging tone and approach.

Ellie and Jen taught me to encourage when I don’t feel like it.  And to do it even when it’s not yet “earned.”

Life’s more nourishing when I do.

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