A simple way to be a better leader – Pt 3

Some people need reassurance

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I squatted down to put Sophie, my 4 year old niece, on the pew.  She sat down.  When she leaned back she cracked her head on the seat back.   It was like a softball hitting a wooden bat.

She looked at me quizzically.  The expression asking, “What should I do?”   Her eyes showed she was leaning towards crying.  I had a moment to decide.

I’m just starting to get used to being around kids.  God’s been giving me practice.  Good thing.  My two new babies will arrive in about 3 months.  I’ve learned that kids look to adults to know how to react to situations.  We are always leading … whether we like it or not.

I made my decision.  “It’s ok, Sophie!  You just bumped your head.  You’re ok!”   I smiled.  Rubbed her head.  Kissed her on top of her head.  She got the answer … and the reassurance she needed.  She went back to smiling.

Your team is looking to you to know how to react.  Maintain your composure, they will to.  Lose your composure and you’ve lost control.  Now you’ve got another problem to deal with.

Let you team know that everything is ok.  If you’re wrong, you’ll find out.  More often than not, you’ll be right.


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