Finding the Freedom to Make Something Happen

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I’ve been off my schedule the last two weeks (an excuse).  That’s why I haven’t been writing (an excuse).  My schedule has been ridiculously erratic (an excuse).

I was out of town for a few days.  That created massive disruption.  I returned home midweek.  I struggled to get back into a routine.  The work that was on the calendar was different than usual.  All of these things created a set of reasons for me to not write … too busy, too tired, too unfocused.  I had no structure.

I rebel against structure.  When I do, I get lost.  No matter how free thinking I think I am, my life and my work needs a structure.  This is true of most people.

Even a Jackson Pollock painting takes place on a canvas that gets framed.  The structure … regardless of what it is … provides the framework to make something happen.  It provides a framework for freedom.  Whether it’s freedom of expression, freedom to work in your strengths, freedom to produce your best work.  I am free within the structure to create and to live vibrantly.  Without the structure I get lost without context.

I work best when the structure is in place and I don’t have to think about it.  Life doesn’t always work like that though.  I am responsible to deliver whether I have structure or not.  The structure makes it easier to deliver.   I am hiding in an excuse when I blame the lack of structure for not delivering.

My schedule is crazy this week, too.  Delivering a leadership course all day Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I’ll fit the rest of what would be five days into Thursday and Friday.  I better figure out a good structure to keep things all straight.   That will make it easier for me to deliver and less likely to provide excuses for why I didn’t at the end of the week …

Workout at 5:15, Training Room by 7, Publish by 1.

The structure I create will set me free.

What structure would help you to be free to make something happen?  What will you deliver with your new freedom?


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