What road are you on?

“You have to see they have good will.”, Jen said to me.  I said, “Hitler had good will!”   In most circumstances, people are acting with good intentions.

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I have become more controlling since our babies arrived.  It’s annoying.  Jen demonstrates great restraint and patience with me as I tell her how to do something.  I’m being more controlling because my intention is to produce the best possible outcome.

Some parents beat their kids with good intentions, “I’m only doing this so you’ll learn your lesson.”

The in-law who tells you how to clean your house is trying to help you.  It doesn’t feel like it.  The help might not be wanted.  But they’re trying to help.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.  The destination is often decided when we do what we think is best for others.  We could instead ask them what they want to achieve and ask how they think they can best get there.  The destination may shift dramatically northward.

Assume good will when others are driving you up a wall.  It will make it much easier to be graceful.  The grace will help you help them change direction.  Use it as a lesson when you try to do good for another.  Instead of doing what you’d want done for you, ask them what they want.  You might find your self travelling a much smoother road with a richer destination.

What road are you on?

Note:  What Hitler led was heinous.  This isn’t about the assumed good will being moral or right.  It is about realizing that people do what they do because, they deeply believe in what they’re doing and that think they’re right … even when they’re wrong.

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