What bubble will burst next?


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Bubble’s burst.

We’ve seen the real estate bubble, the internet bubble, the energy bubble, and whatever other bubbles. They over inflated until, under the the value they promised was very different than the actual value provided.  Reality reared it’s ugly head.  The bubbles burst under the pressure that came from reality weighing in.

It’s easy and cheap to produce credibility in social media world.  Testimonials, reviews, followers … all can be bought.   Go on Fiverr.com. You’ll find people who will get you 1000 twitter followers for $5.   People are manufacturing credibility more quickly than ever before. They’re gaming the system. Gaming a system creates distortions.  The distortions produce cracks in the integrity of the system.  Once a system begins to be gamed, it is an eventuality that it will collapse.

The next bubble to burst?  The credibility bubble.

Build real relationships.  Add substantive value. Serve people instead of selling them.  Do business and life with people who do the same.

Beat the bubble.

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