S/he’s just not that into you

It’s funny how quickly I can turn to torturing someone.  I think that I’m much better about this than I used to be.  I remember when my friend, Bobby*, asked me about the Boot Camp where I work.  He asked, “What is it?”   Six minutes later, he had more glaze on his eyes than a double-dipped bearclaw.  Bobby thought he was pressing a button on the water fountain for a sip.  He didn’t realize he was cranking open a fire hydrant.  I didn’t realize Bobby was being polite.  Like many people, I love talking about stuff that’s exciting to me.
I love my church.  I love Southwest Airlines.  I love the nexus point between quantum physics and theology.  When I want to share my excitement about these things I love, it’s easy for me to tell someone all about it … while they fall asleep, or enter the infinite “Yeah, uh-huh, right” commentary loop or look around the room for an escape while they inch away.
I’ve come to discover that if they’re not asking questions, they’re not interested.   If they aren’t asking questions anymore, it’s a good time for you to start.
Stop talking.  Start asking.


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