Pick up the Ball: A Simple Way to Save Face

I was emailing with a colleague to set up a time to meet.   Then she dropped of the radar.   I wondered what happened … was it me?  Was there something I said?   After a couple of weeks I was about to follow up with her.  Then I received this email from her:

“I’m completely rude. I apologize profusely for not getting back to you. I am so sorry. I think my brain has been swallowed by a hippopotamus or something. Can we try again?”

Boy, did she save face.  I was completely disarmed.  I got a great laugh.  I eagerly re-engaged.   We’re meeting next week.

It’s easy to drop the ball in relationships.  When we drop the ball – and we will-  it’s easy to pick it up again.   The ball is usually laying right at our feet.   A simple, short email or phone call that offers humility and apology does the trick.

I haven’t returned the last 5 calls (maybe more)  from my father.  Today, I’ll change that.

Who you do you need to save face with?   Is it a friend, family, a prospect, a networking connection?   The ball’s right by your feet.  Pick it up and run with it.


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