Out of the eyes of babes

Ellie Shows Us Her Holiday Spirit

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Jen walked out of the girl’s room.  Ellie in her arms.  She just woke up.  Her eyes swollen with sleep.  I sat on the couch, typing away.

Ellie looked at me for a glance.  Then she stared at the laptop.  It’s a reflex.  If we’re looking at our phones, the girls look at our phones.  TVs on, same thing.

We’re drawn to the glow of technology.  Hypnotized.  Flashing lights.  Distraction.  Detachment.  It’s our innate state.

We think we’re in control.  We think we’re choosing where we look. We think we’re spending our attention wisely.

We’re not.

All I have to do is watch my little girls’ eyes.  I can trust them to tell me the truth.

Like they say, “Out of the eyes of babes…”

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