Mirror, mirror on the wall

We design the book cover of our autobiography.  Our cover tells others the essence of who we aspire to be.  People reflect back what they see on our cover.  Then we become more like what is reflected back to us.  So what we project to others grows in our lives at home and in business.

We are all autobiographies.  Our books are written by our actions, our thoughts, our feelings and our beliefs.  Your autobiography is the work in progress that is your life.   Most people won’t ever get past the cover.  They’ll see what you project.

You can show the world who you aspire to be – noble, courageous, confident, action-oriented, good-willed, generous, graceful, joyful and kind.  Or you can show the world who you may have been – prideful, timid, insecure, doubtful, procrastinating, justified/angry, unforgiving and greedy.

Which would you rather be reflected back to you?   This is what you will become.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

You choose.  Choose wisely.


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