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I love steak.  I wouldn’t know I loved it if I hadn’t ever smelled or tasted a steak.  I wouldn’t love steak because I wouldn’t know steak.

Jen was telling me about a girl she’s friendly with.  The friend comes off as aloof and distant.  Jen’s learning that the girl thinks that people won’t want to talk to her if she talks.  So she doesn’t talk.  People think she’s aloof and distant.   They don’t talk to her.  She gets what she expects.  She doesn’t get what she wants or needs.

I’m that person who people say, “Tell us how you really feel.”  They think that I just did.  I probably didn’t.  I hide a lot.  Plenty of times, I am afraid that if people actually knew me, they won’t like me.  I’m afraid I won’t be loved.  When I live out that fear, I hide to protect myself.  I do not receive the love I want or need.  I get what I expect.  I don’t get what I want or need.

Love takes place in a relationship.  Relation is built on the cornerstone of revelation.  If you don’t reveal, you are concealed.  It’s hard to love something that you don’t know is there.

Humans are social animals.  We live to be in relationships.  If we’re not in relationships, we’re not living.

If the person eating that steak is being fake, it might be time to stop hiding and really relate.  If you don’t that’s fine, just realize your life is at stake.

I know it’s hard.  But… Is time to let people see who you really are?



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