You gotta have faith…

What is that thing … the idea, the vision, the cause you believe in that you’re not acting on?   What might happen if you lived as if you were willing to die to make that thing real?   Might you find new hope, new promises, new life?

Which is worth more – creating the idea, the vision, the cause you believe in or having  the house, the car, the handbag, the shoes, the popularity?

Faith has come to mean believing.  If I accept something to be true, I can claim to have faith in it.  Saying you believe and acting like you believe are two different things.  In ancient Hebrew, faith referred to firm action.  Faith was a demonstration through action that illustrated our belief.

How will you show your faith today?  Is today the day for you to lay down the life you know to have a richer one?

Happy Easter!


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