Wish in one hand and Sh***d in the other?

There’s an expression that conveys the powerlessness of wishing.   “You’ve got ‘wish’ in one hand and ‘sh*t’ in the other.”   You can... should in the other wish all you want.  Until you do something you won’t produce anything.

‘Should’ is worth less than wish.   ‘Should’ is like ‘wish’ dressed up in intention.  It doesn’t lead to much either.

I hear people use should all the time.  They use it more often than wish.  It’s usually in the form of “I should  start that project to change the world” or “I should start working out.”   When I hear someone say ‘should’, I know they are talking about something they haven’t done and probably won’t do.

You can ‘should’ all over yourself.   You’ll have wish in one hand and should in the other.

Or you can do something and have a result instead.

You choose.

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