What do you think?

The man who thought different.

Steve Jobs influenced the world.  No doubt.  Time will tell the significance and meaning of that influence.  I did not know Steve Jobs to like or dislike him.  I can’t comment on his character.  I never experienced it.  He said things that inspire me. Based on the number of reposts and tweets, he inspired others, too.

Steve Jobs seemed to demonstrate a commitment to refuse compromise, an eye for beauty and the ability to drive relentless execution.

We can learn from that.  His legacy can be powerful and positive.  Apply the wisdom and conviction of Mr. Jobs in our personal and business lives with the commitment that he showed.

What do you want the walled garden of your life to look like.  What will you allow into that garden?  What will you keep out?

Create beauty in your life, family and business.   Cut out the unneeded pixel.  Tune out the noise that creates clutter.  Turn off the channel of babble.   Buy your black t-shirt and jeans.

Focus on what’s important.

First you have to decide what that is.

Many people and companies spend a lot to decide that for you.

Think different.  If you don’t, someone else will do it for you.

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