What are you avoiding?

Ostrich Burying it's HeadsI was reading the article.  I wanted to stop.  I was afraid.  What if they reveal a theory I’ve been working on but haven’t released to the world yet.   I was afraid of being disappointed.  In myself, for not getting the idea out soon enough.  Avoiding the article wouldn’t help though.

If my idea was the same, I’d know someone else thought of it.  I can shift directions with the idea.  I can build on to what’s already there.  That’s all the world of knowledge is any way.  At some point there’s one footnote that points to the first referenced sentence or paragraph.  We’ve built on top of that ever since.

If their idea is similar but different, I found a like-minded author who I could connect with and learn from.  I found a possible tribe to join or form.

Ostriches with their heads in the ground might feel protected.  It really makes them sitting ducks.  Avoiding reality doesn’t change it.  It only delays our experience of it.

Stop avoiding the call, the writing, the conversation.  You’re just extending the torture of not knowing.  Move to no.  At least you’ll know.

When you know what’s out there, you can make it better.  You can move it forward.

What are you avoiding?


P.S.- The theory I’m developing and still haven’t release is about the economy of communication and why we opt for Wal-Mart low, low prices when it comes to how we interact … even if it means the dress we bought will fall apart after the first wash.

P.P.S. – Ostriches don’t bury their heads.  The dig out the ground for them to store/incubate their eggs.  They use their heads to dig.  They also use their beaks to rotate the eggs.  It looks like their head is buried.


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