This, I believe.

Ex-Girlfriend (song)

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His wife said, “This is going to be hugely successful.”   “How do you know?” he asked.  “With every other business there’s been a hesitation.  You’d always ask the question, “what do you think I should do?   Now, you have no doubt.”

Confident = With Faith

He believes.  In his idea.  In his team. In his capability.  He’s a convert.  A true believer.

It changes how you see, speak and hear.  It changes how you’re seen, heard and spoken to.  Belief changes everything.

True believers push forward with relentless persistence.  They’re willing to give it all to make the idea real.  True believers don’t have to tell you their beliefs.  They demonstrate them.  Day in, day out.

They make the phone call others are scared to make.  Ask for the appointments others shy away from.  They step into the big boy pants, trusting that by wearing them, they’ll grow into them.

Believing drowns out doubt.  What’s left is full commitment.  The insistence on doing what can be done.  Turning away from “can’t”.  We become magicians with the power to make the invisible become real.

It’s not that questions don’t remain.  They do.  But that’s just it … it’s a quest.  Doubters stay ashore.  Questioners push into the expanse of the unknown sea.

I saw him this morning.  He’s always a face of enthusiasm.  Something was different today.  He walked like the pants fit.  They might even be getting a little tight.  It’s almost time to step into a bigger pair.  He will.  This, I believe.

To my friend:  Thanks for the privilege of being part of your journey.  Keep being a blessing.

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