Is Something is better than nothing?

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We knocked on the door.  Dogs barked.  We stood waiting.  The dogs stopped.  Jen texted Henry to let him know we were at his door.   A minute later his girlfriend opened the door.  It was our first time to meet.  We walked in.

Henry was in an explosion last week.  He experienced burns that will take  a while to heal.  He was in the hospital for a couple of days.  He got home today.  A friend of ours called to let us know what happened.

We picked some things up for Henry.  We forgot to pick up a card.  I arrived with a plastic Target bag in my hand.  A bottle of Menage a Trois wine and a box of Maderma scar treatment in the bag.

We introduced ourselves to Henry’s girlfriend.  Henry’s mom was sacked out on the couch.  We could tell it had been a long few days.  I put the wine in the refrigerator.  We sat down and chatted for a few minutes.  It was awkward.  I wrote a quick note on the Maderma box in place of a card.  We said goodbye and let them back to resting.

Part of me kicks myself in the ass for being tacky – plastic bag, cheap wine and scar creme, no card.  The other part of me thinks of how I often I do nothing when something happens to a friend.  I think of them for a moment with deep sympathy.  I don’t take action.  I move on with my life.  I tell them emptily how I was thinking of them once they return to the sphere of my life.

I’m learning that I’d rather do something than nothing.  I might not always hit the target.  But at least I took the shot.

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