How do you do better?

Robby said, “I used to have those reference documents taped all over my work space.  It helped me a lot.”   I looked that the document I

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needed.  It was open in MS Word.  I looked at Robby and said, “Yeah, I really need to print this.”  And then I sat there.  Without printing it.

Anytime I say “I need to” do something I can be assured of one thing.  I’m not going to do it.

I looked at Robby, catching what I just did.  I laughed about it.  I had everything I needed to meet my need.  Except the right language.  “How about ‘I will print this.’, Robby suggested.  I said, “Even better, I am printing this.”  as I clicked ‘Print.  I walked 20 feet, grabbed the papers, taped them up.  Done.

Don’t tell people what you need to do to do better.  Tell them what you are doing to do better.  You’ll do better.

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