Are you with me or against me?

Do you believe in Santa, family values, gun control, Jesus, graduated tax rates, Allah, increased border patrol, Yahweh, the tooth fairy, or the effectiveness of free markets?  If you believe in something, good for you!  I’m finding the I derive way more joy from choosing to believe IN something instead of AGAINST something.

I have much more of a sense of power when I fight for something instead of against something.  When I believe IN something and stand up for it I can create or contribute to something.  When I believe against something, I am no longer the stimulus.  I am reduced to being a response.   When I’m believing against, I can only take away and be taken from.  Belief IN is the cause of victors.  Belief AGAINST is the cause of victims.

Do you want to be a victor or a victim?

Can you for one day, two days, for a week … turn the other cheek to those who you believe against?   Can you show true commitment by creating a positive result that supports what you believe in instead of complaining about what you believe against?

Go ahead.  Give it try.   I dare you…

Let me know who wins.


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