Are you busy or are you productive?

I remember the first time I had to send an email out to a 1000 person audience.  I wrote the email.  Then I proofed the email.  Then I tweaked the email.  Then I proofed it.  Then I proofed it again.  Finally, I hit ‘Send’.   Off it went.

I spent 45 minutes making sure the email was just right after it was already written.  It wasn’t.   I realized this after it was sent.   I was busy when I was writing, reading, re-writing and re-reading the email.  I produced the moment I sent the email.

We produce when we release something into the world.  It occurs in the critical moment that we commit to reveal our work.  If I write a piece of code for an application, I produce the moment the code is deployed and someone else is asked to try it.  I’m busy as I write the code.  I produce when someone else is given opportunity to interact with my work.   Being productive is what transforms busyness into business.

Are you busy or are you productive?  What did you produce today?


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