Apples & Oranges

Ambersweet oranges, a new cold-resistant orang...


We were talking about what a great team we would be.  I’d be the idea person.  She’d be the doer … making the ideas happen.  She is the doer.  I need to do a lot more to make my ideas compared to how I thought it’d be.  At least more than just speak them.

The twins never end.  They are well behaved.  They sleep well.  They eat well.  They don’t cry for no reason (Thank, God). Yet it seems that at least one needs some attention and any point and time.  It seems there’s never a break and they are exhausting compared our friends who have singles.

Work requires me to do things I’ve never done before.  Things I don’t really want to do … like ‘plan, be organized, track results’ and other stuff that’s burdensome compared to a corporate IT job where I can hide from results.

Writing this post means carving out a few minutes (wish it were more), conjuring something and putting it down.  They I’ll wince about how I don’t really love it compared to what Seth Godin published today.

But I’ll ship it anyway because I committed to myself that I would.

It seems life can be so hard, never ending and unfulfilling.  This is true …when we constantly compare our lives to what “could” be.   The problem is that “could”  doesn’t exist.  It never will.

If you did what you should.  Maybe “could” would have happened.  Or not … our ability to predict the future is pretty poor.  But you didn’t do what you should have done to have what you could have had.  So now you have what you’ve got.

You’ve got an orange.  It has bitter rind and pith.  It has seeds you may bite into.  It’s a pain in the ass to peel (at least for me).   It gets all over your hands when you peel it (see comment on pain in the ass to peel).  But it’s what you have.

Go through the trouble of unpeeling it, removing the pith and squeezing out the seeds.  It’s pretty damn tasty.  Juicy and sweet.  Lots of vitamins.  An orange can be freakin’ great.

But it’s not an apple.  And you could have had an apple.  “I should have gotten an apple instead.”

Stupid orange.

Enjoy your situation for what it is.  Or be dissatisfied with it for what it isn’t.  Whether you like or not, it’s still an orange.

Who’s being stupid?  You or the orange …

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