A quick way to kick ass

Enough Is Enough

I was late. Again. The bruises on my ass sore from me kicking it
again. If my shower was shorter. If I hasn’t taken my time
shaving. If I hadn’t hit snooze. I would be there.

A word whispered in my ear. “You are here.”
I was in my car.  Driving.   Alone.  No where else.

No matter where you’d rather be – you are here. Fighting that reality
is an invitation.  For guilt, frustration and dissatisfaction.

I sit at the light. The clock strikes the time I wanted to
arrive. The traffic at the next light is backed up. I get to choose
where to be.

Escapism – drugs, work, family, God… The quest to escape. If i
could only be somewhere else – with more money, friends, a better
job, a different wife (or husband), a different life.  

You might not have the money you want to have in the bank.  The house you’ve hoped for.  The job you dream of.  The relationship you think will complete you (by the way, not relationship will complete you.).  The courage to start a new business.  The conviction to speak to truth to power instead of collecting a paycheck for sheepishness.
There is one thing you have.  You.  Here.  Now.
That’s your starting point.  What will you do with it?
Kick yourself in the ass?  Or something useful?
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