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I work with people to help them manage change.  When things go well, they produce results that they weren’t able to produce on their own.  This is a common outcome.

I speak to many clients who want to leave their job.  Their obstacle:  Their resume isn’t ready.  They’ll wallow in misery rather than write their resume.  Meanwhile they deliver “Less than” results for the people they work for.   This may last weeks, months or years.  Disengagement is contagious.   It needs to be inoculated quickly.

Here’s an idea for managers and employers.  Help your employees get and keep their resumes ready.

It will tell you what they’re working on.  It will teach them to think about their work in terms of results instead of activities.  It will prepare the one’s who are disengaged to leave.  It will help employees be more engaged by seeing the outcomes they contribute to.  It will prepare them to apply for promotions within.  It will make it easier to write performance appraisals.  And it makes it easier for managers to write their own resumes … a manager’s results are mostly the cumulative results of their team.

Give the employees who want out a key to the door.  Wish them well.

Breathe easier knowing that the people who are working for you and with you want to be there.

One quick note:  This could be a tool to build trust or build paranoia.   Be careful about how you communicate about this new plan.

How would you present this to your team?  Or how would you want it to be presented?


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