What We Frequent Becomes Our Frequency

Tuning fork (Diapason) on resonance box, by Ma...

Tuning fork (Diapason) on resonance box, by Max Kohl, Chemnitz, Germany. CWRU Physics Dept. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


George, a rebel pastor I know talks about how we talk in terms of, “When I have X (Money, House, Car, Spouse) , then I’ll do Y (Start a business, go to school, have a baby) and then I’ll be happy.”    He turns it on its head.  “When I am happy, then I’ll do Y, then I will have X.”

What we frequent becomes our frequency.  A tuning fork vibrates when it is struck by the frequency its tuned to.  We are like adaptive tuning forks.  We vibrate at the frequency of what we are surrounded by.

Hang out with optimistic, successful people, become a positive person.  Work in an encouraging, supportive environment.  Stock your cupboard with apples, greek yogurt and almonds, become healthy.  Listen to encouraging music all the time, become more upbeat.  You get it.

Hang out with bitter, negative people, become a miserable person.  Work in an environment driven by procedure instead of people.  Stock your cupboard with Doritos, Slim Jims and Oreos, become heavy.  Listen to depressing music all the time, become melancholy.  You get it.

We go where we look.  We see what we frequent.  And that’s what we become.

When we become the right person, we do the right things.  When we do the right things, we get the right stuff for who we are.

What are you frequenting?  Is it time to look elsewhere?

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