This Test Is Pass/Fail. Do You Pass This Test?

English: Midori browser passing the Acid2 test

English: Midori browser passing the Acid2 test (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve asked a lot people if they want a more significant and meaningful life.  Every person I ask says ‘Yes’.

They may be lying.  After all, it’s a loaded question.  Who really wants to tell someone, “Eh, I really don’t give shit … I’m good enough.”    Or they may be answering from the core of their soul.  Looking at how people live tells me it might be somewhere in between.   Or they just don’t know how.  At least not consistently.

What about you?

How do you qualify yourself?  What tests do you take?   How do you know you’re getting better?

What fears do you expose yourself to?  What risks do you take?  Do you learn (and apply) new ideas and techniques?  How do you know when you succeed (or fail/learn)?

Do you initiate conversations that make you uncomfortable?   How often?  How uncomfortable do they make you … a little nervous or a little puke in your mouth nervous?  How do you deal with the results?

Does it feel like your pants are falling down … is it because they’re just too big … or because you choose to put yourself in situations that force you to grow?

I hope you answered these questions confidently (and honestly) with a ‘YES’!

If not, I hope your stomach twisted as much as mine does as I answer these questions.

Our days are numbered.  Each day passed never returns.  Each day offers a test.

Here’s the test:  Did I do all I could today to have the most impact on my work,  my wealth, my health, my family, my friends and my neighbors?

This test is pass/fail.  Do you pass this test?   How often?

Is it time for something to change?   What?   When?


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