Smoke on the Water… Fire in the Sky

I was sitting near the fire pit. I was excited to start the fire. An hour later I was frustrated. We had wood. Lots of it. But it was not in the condition to light. We struggled to light anything. After 45 minutes of fighting smoke, we gave up.

It takes fuel, oxygen and heat to start a fire. The fuel must be the right kind for the job. It must be in the right condition. Not all fuel is in the right condition to light. When the wood is wet, we get smoke. When the gasoline is cold, we have a puddle.

Our message is the heat. People are our fuel to make something happen. Sometimes we need to provide enough heat for a long enough to condition the fuel … warm up the gasoline or dry out the wood.

Are you trying to light your people but they aren’t catching on? Repeat your message to condition your people. Don’t give up! Quit too soon and you’ll be frustrated and choking on a cloud of smoke.

Bring the heat. Focus and repeat your message. People will light. Others are drawn to your fire in the sky.

What’s your message?  What heat are you bringing to light up the sky?Set People on Fire


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