Should I Kindle?

Have you ever tried to light a log on fire without kindling?  I’ve made this mistake.  It’s hard to light a log on fire without kindling.  I’d light some paper.  The paper goes below the log.  The paper burns out before the log catches.  At best, I char the outside of the log.

Want a toasty, roaring fire?  Lighting a fire requires layers.  This is why people who are good with fire use progressively larger fuel elements to get a fire going.  Lighting paper is easy.  The paper can light twigs.  The twigs light thicker sticks.  Together they light the log.  Blam!  Toasty, roaring fire.

Most people are resistant to change.  This is why most messages that drive something new meet resistance or deaf ears.  Most people (fuel) are not conditioned to respond to your message (heat).  If we use kindling, we create the conditions of change.  First the paper, then the twigs, followed by the small sticks.  Get them all going and … crackle, crackle, crackle … you lit the flames of desire.

Layer your kindling.   Start a roaring fire of change.


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