Reinvigorate. A new message

Have you seen any of these TV shows about redesigning a room on a shoe string budget? Time and again, rooms find new life and a renewed purpose by changing the paint on the wall, removing clutter, moving furniture and adding a plant. The results amaze me every time. With small, low cost, surface changes, the space is transformed … they go from lifeless and purposeless to invigorated and clear. The designers have an eye to see what little needs to change to have a big impact.

In organizational life, there are departments and teams that need new life and a renewed purpose to achieve their best results. Often, we jump into thinking that BIG changes are needed to get teams producing. We think new structure or new process. We think babies and bath water. More often, the reality is that the teams need a new, well-crafted message. A message that states the outcomes they create (or are expected to create). When the message is succinct it is more powerful. When the message appeals to our humanity it is more powerful. Changing the message can change history … Reinvigorate. Make paths clear. That’s what leaders do.

If you don’t have an eye for the message, find someone who does. They can help you update your team for a lot less than a complete re-org would cost.


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