Move the Heat Around

To light a fire, light kindling in different places.  This increases the likelihood that the fire will catch.  As a fire is lighting, we may reposition the heat.   We move the kindling around to expand the reach of the heat.

A quick review – Fire requires heat, oxygen and fuel.  Your message is the heat.  The visibility of the message is your oxygen.  People are your fuel.  Your kindling is your Innovators and Early Adopters.  Identify who they are.  Light them with your message.

Want to move people toward a goal?  Set your people on fire.

Diversify.  Your message may not catch on with all the Innovators.  Distribute your message across several Innovators in different roles.  If a few don’t catch, those that do catch continue to light the kindling layered upon them … the Early Adopters.  When more Early Adopters catch on, it’s easier to reach critical mass with your Early Majority.

Move the heat around.  Set your people on fire.

Bask in the Glow of Your People

Bask in the Glow of Your People

Bask in the glow of engaged people burning to deliver for you.


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