Is It Time To Overcome This Guilty Pleasure?



Vivvy is a little shy. Or guilty. Or both. :)

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If they say no,  you’re justifiably frustrated… It’s not your fault we’re not doing it.   They didn’t give permission.   You tried, right?Seeking permission can just be an escape.   An abdication of responsibility.  A guilty pleasure.

If they say “yes” and it goes wrong,  they own the decision.   They should have seen it would not work.  What were they thinking!?

If they say “yes” and it does work … You’re brilliant!  And it’s a good thing they realized that.

When you seek permission, you enjoy the guilty pleasure of spectating … watching the committed make decisions, while sitting on the sidelines entertained – win, lose or tie.

Are you seeking permission?  How is it paying off?

Is it time to overcome this guilty pleasure?

Where will you start?

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