How to Keep Cool in the Texas heat

Keep your cool in the heatIt’s getting hot in Texas. The temps are in the high 90s by June.  It happens every year.   At the same time of year people start complaining about the weather.  Here’s a question I heard last week:   “Can you believe it’s so hot!?”   Yes.  I believe it.  It happens every year.  It’s Texas.  It’s supposed to be hot.

I learned to get used to the Texas heat.  I had a theory: Exercise in the peak heat and I’ll feel more comfortable when at rest in the heat.  I tested it.  I started jogging in the afternoon sun.  At the hottest part of the day.  I couldn’t go as far or as fast in the heat.   But I could go.

I remember when I started running in the peak heat.  People gave me reasons not to do it.  They told me it was dangerous.  They’d ask me if I was crazy.  “Why would you do that?”   They’d tell me I shouldn’t do it.  I ignored them  (Disclaimer: Don’t start exercising in extreme heat without consulting your physician).

I jogged several times a week in the high afternoon sun.   I’m glad I did.  It sucked at first.  I came to enjoy it.   My theory proved correct.   101 degree heat became comfortable when I’m at rest or walking.

I can’t change the temperature in Texas.  I can change my attitude about it.  I discovered that when I changed my attitude the weather seems to get better.  I am able to do more and enjoy more.  What changed?   It wasn’t the weather.  It was me.

People complain about things that are predictable and consistent all the time.   It could be about their company, marriage, kids, church, politics, career or job.  This isn’t an issue of dealing with change.  It’s an issue of accepting that there are somethings that we may not be able to change unless we leave the situation.  We can complain about those things we can’t change.  We can use them as reasons for why we can’t do things.  We can use them for excuses for why we don’t do certain things.  Or we can learn to work within the environment that exists.

It’s 97 today.  100 tomorrow.  It’s not getting any cooler.

What attitude needs to change in you?


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