How do you know if it’s too late?

Steaks on a grill

To … Take more risks.   Begin to exercise.  Eat healthier.  Spend a night together with your family.  Have a beer with a friend.  Ask her out.  Say I’m sorry.   Say I love you.  Buy her flowers.  Cook him a steak.  Buy him flowers.  Cook her a steak.  Manage your boss.  Manage your boss’s boss.  Write a thank you note.  Quit your job.  Start a business.  Say hello to strangers.  Throw clay to make a lopsided bowl.  Sing karaoke.  Eat something you don’t recognize.  Skydive.  Start a blog.  Write a book.  Serve someone in need.   Wake up earlier than you need to.  Call an old friend.  Call an new enemy.  Take a road trip.  Commit to a long journey.   Stand up for your convictions.  Get rejected for what you believe in.  Walk away from it all.

If you can read this … it’s not too late.  You’re not done yet.

Start.  If you stopped, start over.

What do you want to start?  Tell us.  Tell us what you’re waiting for.

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