Are You a Time-aholic?

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Hi.  My name is Eric.  And I’m a time-aholic.

I have a time problem.  I abuse time.  Afterwards, I stumble through a time hangover, blacked out wondering what I did for the last few hours.

It’s easy to let time slip away when you haven’t identified how you want to invest it.  It’s hard to know how you want to invest it if you don’t have investment goals.

Our investment goals define how we invest our money.  If we’re retiring soon, we might work to preserve what we have with a conservative set of investments.  If we’re 50 years from retirement we can be much more aggressive, taking more risks, pursuing bigger gains at the expense of possible losses.

At the end of this life, we’ll have a legacy.  Our legacy is the collection of what we’ve accomplished in this life.  It can be tangible – houses, cars, businesses and money.  It can be intangible – wisdom, relationships, trust, influence, ideas.

We accumulate the intangible and tangible assets that are our legacy by investing time wisely.

  • People rarely find themselves owning phenomenally successful businesses without investing time with the business.
  • People rarely find themselves storing a wealth of knowledge, insight and wisdom without investing time experiencing and learning.
  • People rarely find themselves with treasured relationships with friends and family without investing time with friends and family.

We have to choose.  Saying ‘yes’ to building the business means say ‘no to other things.  Same with the education, skills, relationships, etc.

Saying ‘no’ to the wrong things, the distractions, the time wasters frees us up to say ‘yes’ to the time investments that add up to the legacy we want to leave behind.

What do you want?  What will it take take to get there?  What will you need to say ‘no’ to now so you say ‘Yes!’ later.

Are you investing your time wisely?  Or do you have a problem?

Are you a time-aholic?


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