Are you asking for permission or wisdom?

The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends

The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Instead of asking ‘What do you think I should do?” ask someone “How would you go about doing this?”

It moves the person you’re asking past the decision whether you should or shouldn’t.  It gives them permission to talk about something they might not do themselves.  It gives them permission to imagine a little bit.  This stands a better chance of getting their wisdom and insight.

You’re not looking for permission – well, you might be …  but you already have it (we talked about that yesterday) – you just need to be brave enough to exert it.  You’re looking for wisdom, insight and nuance to exert your authority to change the world as effectively as possible.

Be willing to throw everything they say out the window.  Even if they’ve been where you think you’re going, you can’t cross the same river twice.  The market is different than when they succeeded.  You and your team are different than theirs and they are not you.

Their wisdom might give you the key to unlock a new possibility.  It might also lock you into impossibility.

Are you asking for permission or wisdom?

You already have the permission you need to move forward.  You also have the responsibility to own the wisdom to make the big decisions.  You just need to use what you have.

Is it time for that first wobbly step?   Go ahead.  You can stand up again after you fall.

Will you take what you’ve been given?  What will you do with it?

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